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Why Choose Us? 

01. Friendly and Personable

Who says IT personnel has to be cold and grouchy?  We understand that tech is not for everyone.  You will find our team contains the most patient and personable technicians.  In fact, friendliness is embedded in one of our core values

02. Professional and Experienced

With combined experience in IT worth more than a lifetime, there is not a challenge or project our team cannot provide a solution for.  Whether it be in hardware or software, systems or installation, professional is an understatement when it comes to describing the quality of our work.

03. One Stop Full Service

With our breadth of experience in many technology related fields, we can be the one stop shop you can rely and count on.  No matter if it's related to computers or mobile phones, website to social media, security cameras to network switches, we can offer knowledgeable consultation for all your personal and business needs.

04. State of Hawaii Vendor Compliant

Are you a school with the Hawaii Department of Education?  Honolulu Computing is a part of the Hawaii vendor compliant list, and is authorized and set up to work with schools.  This means that you can use us for all your website, computer, and technical support needs!  

05. Free Consultation and Inter-Island Service

You never have to worry about giving us a call.  If you are a business or institution in Oahu, we are more than willing to come where you are to look at how we can be of service to you.  If you are part of our neighbor island Ohana, give us a call to see how we can be of assistance!  If it's a project that we can help in, we can schedule to fly out to you.

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